AEEE: Solar Sun House - Circa 2006 - Jordan River Farms

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Primary (E-Com) Contact:Cory Koral
Communications (#/text):540-636-4775
Secondary Contact:RLEP (click URLs - lower right images)
Address / Area: Huntly, VA
Primary / Website URL:

Jordan River Farm (circa around 1905) has been chemical free since 1971, certified organic in 1988, and is in a permanent scenic easement as a nature / educational retreat.

Cory Koral of Jordan River Farm, Huntly, Virginia, showcased his "off the grid" house (circa 2006)and his alternative energy solutions at a recent RLEP event / EXPO.

Cory helps people determine whether they can use alternative energy sources in their home.

Review his checklist of factors to see whether you can use / retrofit alternative energy choices, such as use of solar, micro-hydro, wind, and solar voltaic devices.

The highlight of the expo was in the evening when we all stood under an adjacent (Dominion Virginia Power) power line and held 4 foot flourescent bulbs. They lit up when pointed at the electric transmission lines!

Dominion is proposing a new line through rural historic Virginia at twice the voltage as this existing overhead line.


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