Solar Rockefeller Center NYC PV System (2007)

"Christmas going green - FINALLY!"

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altPOWER Completes PV System to Help Power the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree System
is the largest privately owned PV installation in Manhattan.

November 29, 2007 - New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Tishman Speyer Chairman and CEO Jerry Speyer were on the roof of 45 Rockefeller Center on Tuesday November 20th to celebrate the installation of a 61kW (70 kilowatt DC) solar-electric (PV) system designed and managed by altPOWER. Over the course of a year, the syste m will generate more than enough electricity to power all of the 30,000 LED lights on the tree that will be illuminated during 42 days this holiday season. The PV system will also offset over 2 million pounds of CO2 over its life-time which would have been created had the tree been powered by conventional fuel sources.

altPOWER, working with GE Energy and Tishman Speyer, designed and oversaw the installation of the 61 kWp grid-tied array. The system is located nearly 45 stories up, and it is the highest rooftop PV installation on the planet.

It is composed of 363 GE PV modules and a Solectria PVI 60kW DC-AC Inverter. The project followed an aggressive schedule due to the tree lighting ceremony scheduled for November 28th.

altPOWER President & CEO, Anthony Pereira was delighted that altPOWER played such an important role in the project: "I am proud of the work our team did for this project, under a tight schedule,
and the fact that Tishman Speyer selected altPOWER to undertake this important installation.

This project can have an enormous impact on the future of energy as more and more people,
especially children, hear about the installation and start thinking about the possibilities for renewable energy.

" Mr. Pereira also credited Tishman Speyer for the green initiatives they have undertaken at their properties: "Tishman Speyer's goals to 'Green' Rockefeller Center should be an
inspiration for developers around the world."

At the ceremony, Mayor Bloomberg credited Tishman Speyer for installing a PV system at such an important location: "The tree at Rockefeller Center is one of New York City' s most beloved and iconic landmarks, and with the environmental steps that Tishman Speyer has implemented this year, the 500,000 New Yorkers and tourists that visit the tree each day can dream of a 'green' Christmas."

Mayor Bloomberg added, 'Now they will see an example of green leadership which may inspire them to make greener choices in their own lives.'

About altPOWER Inc

altPOWER Inc was founded to provide expertise in the field of renewable energy with a focus on solar-electric systems, especially building integrated photovoltaics(BIPV) where solar panels are incorporated into the shell of new buildings. The market leader in New York City, altPOWER offers equipment supply, system design and installation, consulting services, feasibility/cost studies and other renewable energy services.

About GE Energy

GE Energy( is one of the world's leading suppliers of power generation and energy delivery technology, with 2004 revenues of $17.3 billion. Based in At lanta, Georgia, GE Energy provides equipment, service and management solutions across the power generation, oil and gas, transmission and distribution, distributed power and energy rental industries.

About the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Spectators can view the lighted Rockefeller Center Christmas tree each day from November 29, 2007 to January 8, 2008 (5:30 AM-11:30 PM); all day on Christmas (24 hours); and from 5:30 AM-9 PM on New Year's Eve. A history of Rockefeller Center Christmas Trees, as well as more information about the tree, is available on (click Primary URL above).

Solectria Renewables, LLC, of Lawrence, Massachusetts, is a leader in the development and manufacturing of a wide range of inverters for renewable power applications including 1.8kW to 95kW grid tied PV inverters for systems from 1kW to 1MW. Solectria Renewables has an 18-year background in inverters and other electronic power systems for harsh environments - click on link in lower image ( see below).


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