JMSWCD - Kinloch Farms Plantings March 29, 2013

"New trees improve Chesapeake water quality"

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Photo by Michael Rainger showing start of planting program on Friday March 29, 2013 at 9am

Created 3/30/13 Landing page updated for Earth Day 2013 (43rd)

The John Marshall Soil and Water Conservation District is one of 47 Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) in Virginia which comprise the State’s only grassroots conservation network.

SWCDs partner with local, state, and federal agencies and organizations to identify conservation problems and provide solutions.

Primary functions of the John Marshall SWCD include implementation of the Virginia Agricultural Cost Share Program, and providing technical assistance in the design and the establishment of conservation practices, and providing conservation education to youth and adult audiences.

Serving Fauquier since 1966.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the John Marshall Soil and Water Conservation District is to provide leadership, technical assistance, and education to the people of Fauquier County in proper soil stewardship and water quality protection to ensure the wise use of the county’s natural resources.

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