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"Backup to grid based electricity? A smart idea!"

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Search ANY of these words 'After: Completed / Ongoing energy management' in Entity to View this house and its (winter) energy saving tips / techniques (low hanging fruit).

Photo 1 (2010): Typical 3-story 2800sq.ft home in Fauquier County (NoVA) 3 weeks after record snows. Public schools seemed to be closed forever!


Photos 2-7 show damage after 9/17/04 Fauquier County Virginia tornado - Mouse-over for captions (NO links)

House across the road and 250 yards to the SE had north and south walls blown out - House 100 yards to the east had half the roof lifted completely off (folded)! This house sustained only about $4000 in damages and remained occupied during repairs, unlike the other 2 adjacent homes!! Note: Both homes repaired (insurance) and one was improved at the same time making a positive out of a negative.

Tornado (2004) travelled over 30 miles from south to north over most of Fauquier County Virginia. Spun-off from a hurricane which started in the Gulf of Mexico and meandered over land for an unusually long period of time.

Father / 7 year-old son (just got off the school bus) were in the house when they noticed an approaching storm. The wind suddenly picked up and a mist came through very fast with lots of noise. They grabbed the 2 dogs and headed to the basement where they crawled under the ping pong table. They watched through the patio glass doors and saw the tree fall on the roof. The mist turned to horizontal rain and then a completely clear patch before the intense wind and noise returned from the opposite direction, like a mini hurricane.


Some of us misunderstand changing weather patterns and assume that global warming per se means milder winters and hotter summers - correlation is not direct and what IS happening is that local weather patterns are changing and becoming more extreme / violent for the past 20 years or so - hence this unusual 2004 tornado in NoVA and record snows in 2010 and 2001 


BACKUP POWER - Off Grid options to think about.

Note: This house was without electrical power as a result of the tornado for a week. With a well and septic tank they had NO water and only 1 flush left in each toilet. The closest neighbor with a backup gas generator kindly ran a garden house from their tank to ours, until the gas ran out (roads blocked).

1) Tankless water heater powered by natural gas or propane

2) Solar powered water heater and backup well pump if needed (also solar)

3) Geothermal heating / cooling

4) Sun room for winter passive solar heating with stone floors / walls to radiate heat overnite

5) Radiant heating with solar heated water

6) Dual system HVAC with alternative power source 

7) Wind / solar backup power with battery system for 12v lights and appliances (same as boats) - cheapest to install during construction of new homes and small businesses - excess generation of electricity reverses meter for sale back to utility company - rules vary by state


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