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Volunteers / Energized subject matter experts / True believers and practioners's energy cost
Period  kWh  $$  CO2
Year      2046720      668400      2312793
Quarter      511680      167100      578198
Month      170560      55700      192732
Week      39797      12996      44970
24Hrs      5685      1856      6424
SupplierAny electric utility
Meter Last ReadJune 18, 2008
E-CategoryEnergy: Conservation Process

Primary (E-Com) Contact:Volunteers / Energized subject matter experts / True believers and practioners
Communications (#/text):E-Com comments / questions to this Entity / E-Profile
Secondary Contact:Call Michael at 540 219 0445 (cell)
Address / Area: Remington The Plains Warrenton Fauquier County, VA 20186

Created 6/18/10

Typical utility data (kWh) BEFORE energy conservation measures are implemented.

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1) Elementary Public School: Built 1995, 500 students
2) Government Administration: 5 story office space
3) 1986 Residence: 2800sq.ft, electric HVAC, 3 story colonial
4) Retail built 2002: 10500 sq.ft, gift shop / deli counter
5) Church circa 1913: Conferences, meetings, weekend worship


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1) 1986 Residence: 2800sq.ft, electric HVAC, 3 story colonial (current state)

a) Heating / Cooling: Original HVAC (almost 30 years old) so efficiency needs improvement or usage needs to be reduced so plans to retrofit geothermal / solar are in review. Woodstove cuts electric bill by 50% during cold winter months.

b) Occupants: 3 adults/1 teenager. 1 adult works 5 days a week at an office 10 minutes from the house (The Plains). 1 adult works on Energy Conservation programs. 1 adult commutes to Manassas. Teenager attends a Fauquier County Public School.

c) Description: 3-story colonial, unfinished basement where 80% of walls are below ground level so it stays cooler in the summer and relatively warm in the winter. 4 bedrooms / 2 bath on top floor. Living areas and half bath on middle floor. 2 car garage.

DEVELOPMENT / ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN thought for the day: 98% of historical house construction in the NE where 3-story homes have a basement are setup this way (c). Think of the permanent energy savings / comfort levels if the basement and top floor were reversed? Being SMARTER is the KEY to more sustainable living!

d) Grounds: Almost 2 acres on a hill, 50% lawn, 50% trees, shrubs, plants. Heavy clay soil. Note: Since taking up residence more than 30% of the lawn area has been turned over to trees, shrubs and a vegetable garden. Time / energy to mow lawn has been reduced by the same percentage.

e) Topography: House lies in general north south direction with late morning sun in summer shielded by tall deciduous trees on south side but unshielded western exposure to summer heat. Conifers on east and north side of home slow winter winds.

f) State: Virginia historically has not had effective energy incentive programs. Most grid-based electricity in NoVA comes from coal obtained via Mountain Top Removal process in south-west Virginia (Dominion Virginia Power).

Note: In 2006 Virginia was the 48th state with respect to finite energy conservation programs, but #1 for Business! Depressing, but true. This is a very old model for state government. The good news is that "sustainalbe" changes may be just around the corner. We are after all, eternal optimists!

g) Location: 50 miles west of Washington DC in Piedmont Mid-Atlantic region

h) Water: Well

i) Sewer: Septic tank

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