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Primary (E-Com) Contact:MTR - Mountain Top Removal - Permit in Wise Virginia
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Secondary Contact:Most electric power for NoVA comes from MTR - reducing demand is a smart interim solution
Address / Area: WISE, VA
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If ever there is a time we must stand together to stop mountaintop removal coal mining, it is now. On May 12, the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy approved the Ison Rock Ridge permit, a 1,300-acre surface coal mine, that would forever destroy five communities in Wise County VA, and devastate the quality of life for 2000 people living nearby. The Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards have been fighting the Ison Rock Ridge permit for three years. Here is our chance to stop a mountaintop removal coal mining permit in Virginia. The Virginia Department of Mines, Mineral and Energy approved this permit over the objections of the US EPA. Now the EPA is under intense political and industry pressure to reverse its new water quality standards that make it extremely difficult for coal companies to continue the practice of blowing up mountains and bulldozing the waste into neighboring streams. Please send a letter to the US EPA immediately praising their action against mountaintop removal coal mining and urging them to stop the Ison Rock Ridge mine in Wise County. Please act today - Kathy Selvage Wise Energy for Virginia 



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