Reduce (NoVA) kWh consumption - VA MTR Before / After

"A 1000 year toxic problem - Mountain Top Removal (MTR) in VIRGINIA (and WV)"

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Address / Area: Remington The Plains Warrenton Fauquier County, VA 20186

Pictures = 1000 words - Less than 25% of original resource-related blasting / processing energy is delivered to end-users of grid-based electricity (below) in Northern Virginia (NoVA). So much waste! Can you see the houses (above) to get a truer sense of scale? MIne is enctroaching on the homes. 40 MTRs removed in Virginia alone by Dominion Virginia Power who is also constructing a new coal based power plant in Wise Virginia while demand is declining (2010). Does not make economic, environmental or long term sense.


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