Energy Conservation Process saves 10-25+% kWh

"Save 10-25% / year off electric utility bills"

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Primary (E-Com) Contact:Baseline / Base Mark for (vacation) homes / residences / apartments / small businesses and Main Streets everywhere
Communications (#/text):Print this E-Profile - Place in a visible location - Update as plans and progress are made
Secondary Contact:Pass the word about your results to business contacts, friends and family
Address / Area: VA
2nd Phone # (ext):Discuss with your network groups
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Created 9/14/2007

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Changing personal habits: Before reducing consumption know past / current electrical usage to make reasonable future projections. This process takes minimal effort to complete and uses existing heating / cooling equipment. Generates immediate $ savings.

1. Collect recent electric utility invoices for each building. Most utilities supply graphs of usage for the past 12-24 months and calculate an average monthly usage. If your utility bills quarterly, adjust data collection time periods. Register via home page to capture annual kWh usage per building.

2. Assemble the group that is reducing usage (anyone who affects consumption).

3. Share the data collected in item 1. You now have benchmarks for current and past usage. Each person discusses how they can contribute to saving grid-based electricity. Capture / update these actions in your (group) E-Profile. Set reasonable targets based on the level of commitment from the group / individuals.

4. Discuss new invoices. Adjust actions. Rationalize results. Update E-Profile containing annual kWh usage with projects, ideas, research links, progress, etc. Celebrate success!

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